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Attenuators Design Automation | Design Automation Solutions

Attenuators Design Automation

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  • Popular applications are Diesel generator Powerhouses, Genset Enclosures or HVAC ducts.
  • Attenuate noise emissions while maintaining required ventilation.
  • Integrate 28 Design Inputs with your Empirical data to generate unlimited design configurations.
  • Complete set of integrated, part and assembly drawings,integrate your legacy design calculation formulas.
  • Import unlimited genset specifications and attenuator empirical data using spreadsheet templates.

CAD Model Package

£ 499 Lifetime
  • Part files
  • Assembly model
  • Drawing Files
  • Parametric Equations (txt file)


£ 1200 Lifetime
  • CAD Model Package
  • Intake Duct Assembly Model
  • Attenuator Tech Data sheet
  • Intake Duct Assembly drawing


£ 1800 Lifetime
  • All Basic Features
  • Part Drawings
  • Genset data bulk Import
  • Empirical Data bulk import
  • Formula builder
  • Intake + Discharge Duct Automation



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Contract Basis
  • All Advance Features
  • BOM Generation
  • Alternate flange sections-RHS/SHS
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Lifting pockets
  • AutoCAD Model generation
  • Inventor Model Integration
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