Muffler Design Automation-3D


Muffler Design Automation v1.0-SW 2021 is a Windows-based stand-alone desktop application that automates repetitive activities involved in modelling and drafting of sheet-metal shop-fabricated Cylindrical and Rectangular shaped Exhaust Mufflers, to drastically reduce the design effort. Designers can manually enter over 130 design input parameters that includes complete dimensions, attachments & configuration options. The complete set of over 100 files, including all the part & assembly models and the corresponding drawing (DRW), pdf and .DWG files can be automatically generated without any manual interaction with SOLIDWORKS or AutoCAD Window. To ensure plug-and-play experience, the application comes loaded with default values which can be updated further under ‘Expert mode’.
Muffler Design Automation is one amongst other pilot products.

Design Automation Products Salient Features (3D)

  • Generate part files, Assembly model and drawings without modelling/drafting skills
  • Generate drawing files automatically using pre-defined drawing title block data
  • Product Builder integrates Product specification to Design Automation software
  • Auto-generated data-grids for drawing-logs with multiple field filters
  • Export system generated models and drawings to 3D-pdf and other native CAD formats


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