Product Builder-Muffler-3D (Add-On for Muffler Design Automation-3D)

Product Builders adds a further level of automation through the integration of design input calculations to design automation applications.

Unlimited and complex product configurations are generated through built-in validations

Integrate Product configurations with design automation applications and/or Sales CRM

Ensure consistency of product data across the organization



Design Automation Products Salient Features (3D)

  • Generate part files, Assembly model and drawings without having modelling or drafting skills
  • Generate drawing files automatically using pre-defined drawing title block data
  • Product Builder integrates Product specification to Design Automation software
  • Auto-generated data-grids for drawing-logs with multiple field filters
  • Export system-generated models and drawings to 3D-pdf and other native CAD formats

Contract service for further customisation to meet specific needs:

  • ERP (Sales/Manufacturing) Integration with Design Automation Apps
  • Custom Drawing Title blocks
  • Design Automation to Company-specific or International Standards
  • Custom/pre-validated product configurations (from Product builder Apps) add quality and velocity to your Design Automation
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