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About DesignMatix

Our company, Designmatix Ltd., is a London based automation services provider, developing business software for sales, manufacturing, inventory control, and quality assurance. we implement and offer customer focused CAD Design Automation by collaborating with Engineering & Technology experts, hence helping our customers tackle their most common design challenges and pain points as  –

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A Brief About Design Automation System

Products that are customized are often similar, but different, with a common design that is customized to address specific customer needs.

An engineer typically prepares engineering data for a custom product by copying existing 3D CAD models and updating dimensions, suppressing and un-suppressing features, and replacing components. In addition to 3D CAD models,drawings, BOMs, and cut lists can be produced based on the updated 3D CAD models.

Using design automation tools, automated documents and data for manufacturing and selling custom products are automatically
created and reused based on design, Manufacturing,and cost estimation knowledge.

Our Core Capabilities and Services

We enhance User experience for major CAD tools (namely AutoCAD, Rivet, Solidworks andInventor) through
customization, Add-Ins and stand-alone application development

We develop business software for sales, manufacturing, Inventory & quality control.

Based on our long experience in manufacturing industry, we offer consultative automation solutions for small and medium scale enterprises

Through Designmatix marketplace, we connect community of engineering and technology professionals to clients

  • Product & Process Design Automation Solutions Software, Hardware and Consulting
  • 3D Printing, Scanning, Reality capture
  • ERP solutions/Business Process Automation consulting
  • Manufacturing Process Design- Lean
  • 6 Sigma Black belt consulting

Why Designmatix

A Committed Team of
Engineers &Technology
Experts Providing Solutions with par excellence.

Decades of experience in Design, Engineering & Manufacturing

Design process
development strategy
focuses to tackle the pain points.

Active consultation and continuous engagement with the customers

Seamless collaboration
between design, sales, procurement, Inventory, manufacturing, and quality.

Supported Design Platforms

We develop bespoke Desktop and Web based automation applications (Stand-alone or
AddIn versions) for below CAD platforms






Deliver excellence in Design and Development Automation Solutions whilst focusing on the Niches – Electrical / Sustainable Power solutions and Logistics.
Design Automation in partnership with industry experts
Deliver outstanding service to customers built on our core values of integrity & professionalism. Connect the global community of clients and engineering contractors through the DesignMatix marketplace.


Become a leading and well-reputed name across the globe when it comes to Product Design and Development and Business process integrationWe aspire to achieve our goal through unique & state of the art product portfolio covering a variety of Industries under Energy, Logistics and EPC sectors.

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