About Us

Our business is based on cutting-edge technology, exacting standards, industry knowledge, and a talented combination. Our founders founded this business with the intention of providing the best Design and Development Automation Solutions.

Our Story


Engineering & Manufacturing Journey

The concept of automating design activity has its roots which goes back to 1997. It is based on decades of work experience of its Founders within engineering design and manufacturing Industry, blended with developing their software development skills out of enthusiasm during 1997-2019.


Business Plan -Innovate Britain

Business case viability discussions began for various design automation applications for the benefit of the UK economy in particular and global engineering, contracting and the manufacturing industry in general. The Plan was submitted to UK’s top endorsing body – Innovate in Britain


Designmatix Formation

After a few discussions and clarifications, the business plan was endorsed by Innovate Britain – a government approved endorsing body that facilitated the formation of Designmatix Ltd on 25th June 2020.


Design Automation Pilot Test

Designmatix Founders were able to conduct the first pilot test where design parameters for a Muffler were user-defined on an MS Access based stand-alone Application and AutoLISP scripts were called to generate AutoCAD drawings using Access application Output as Design Input.

This was followed by further trials to proof-test the concept on other CAD platforms


Continous R&D

At Designmatix R&D is not a one-time endeavor but a continuous and iterative process. Efforts continued towards invenstments in improving customer experience, product performance and inventing new methods and systems for design automation.


Commercial Product Launch

Through rigorous product development efforts supported by relentless supply chain of contractors , Designmatix announced launching to market of its flagship products in July2023.

Further, based on a strong background established through a long association of Designmatix Founders within Engineering and Manufacturing Industry, significant initiatives have been undertaken towards development of more design automation products.

Our Team

We are team of experienced technology and Industrial Engineering experts blended with enthusiastic young talent that brings to table affordable, powerful and flexible automation solutions.

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